About Us

JA Long Construction Inc. is a Boulder Based General Contractor since 1994. Specializing in Custom home building and Renovations/Remodels. Project development is a collaborative process between Owner, Architect, And Builder.

This means that the project itself gets three advocates- The Owner, The Architect and The Builder. Each independently empowered to champion the project's success.

  • The Architect - Advocates for the project's Aesthetics, spaces, durability and energy efficiency.
  • The Builder - Advocates for the project's durability, safety, cost containment and building efficiency.
  • The Client/Owner - Advocates for their needs now and in the future, financial realities, and for all the ways they want the building to serve them.

With this team approach in mind, we believe in rigorous project management: On-time and on-budget projects delivered through clear communication, open books and project management acumen.

Regular site meetings include the Client, Architect , Site supervisor and Project Manager to review project status and to ensure the work is moving along smoothly.

At JA Long Construction we are driven to place a high level of detail on the project objectives. Preconstruction phase includes developing a budget, confirming the scope of work and creating a schedule. In the construction phase itself there is attention to a High level of craftsmanship and detail throughout the building process along with monitoring the budget and schedule continuously.